In-House Legal Recruiters in London

We specialise in recruiting the best available legal talent for in-house legal teams at all levels, from Legal Counsel to Legal Directors and General Counsels. We work across multiple jurisdictions and a wide range of industry sectors. We also place lawyers in compliance, corporate governance and risk management roles. 


Whether you are seeking to grow your team, replace your Legal Director or appoint your first General Counsel, we have the expertise you are looking for. 


A Tailored Service ………….


We know that every organisation is different, so is every search. That is why we take great care to understand your business, your values and your culture before we start.


We will recommend the optimal approach for your specific needs. For some an advertising campaign will work best whilst for others headhunting may be most appropriate. Often a blend of the two will be optimal.


We are consultants as well as recruiters, and can also advise on remuneration, retention, succession planning, the structuring of in-house legal teams and benchmarking against the wider industry.

Recruiting the best available talent for in-house legal teams