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Specialist in-house legal recruiters in London

The recruitment business has been revolutionised by technology, social networks, job boards, outsourcing, the increasing influence of procurement and the move to direct sourcing by talent acquisition teams. So, against this backdrop, how do we as specialist legal and compliance recruiters add value?


It boils down to relationships. Relationships and access to a wider pool of talent. Day in and day out we meet and assess lawyers and compliance specialists wishing to develop their careers within a corporate environment. We make it our business to understand the aspirations of individuals and the changing dynamics of the teams they work in, as well as emerging talent in law firms. Factor in our decades of know-how built handling hundreds of challenging searches for the best legal and compliance talent and you will find we are exceptionally well-placed to deliver the positive result you seek. 


Talent is not an online commodity and relationships matter. What is the likelihood you will get a complete picture of the best available talent just by reaching out via LinkedIn? Finding the best people is more than a numbers game. They will be busy, valued, in-demand and probably not even looking for a new job.


It needs sophisticated human interaction, the ability to ‘talk their language’, subtle persuasion and finesse to close a deal. As well as being ‘found’ they need to be ‘reached’ in the right way and with the right message. ‘Cost of hire’ and ‘quality of hire’ are very different things and the cost of compromise can be high.

We find specialists who

stand out

in the crowd

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